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Helpful Hints

1.    Energy Chart

2.   Water, and Again I say, Water

3.    Taking the Little Ones Out?

4.    To Multi-Task or Not


1.    Energy Chart

Below is what I like to call an Energy Chart.  I have this printed out, laminated and I placed it on my refrigerator door where everyone can see it.  Then, depending upon the level number I am at, I have little arrow stickies that point to that level.  Then everyone in the house knows how I am feeling that day and I don't have to make a point of telling everyone how I'm feeling.  I save energy by not having to constantly remind everyone how I am feeling (and everyone doesn't have to hear me complain!!!!!)

Please feel free to copy this chart for your own use and use it as it is or modify it for your own needs.

Level #


activity level

help needed


All over severe pain & fatigue; unable to stand or walk normally; weak muscles; noise, smell &/or sight sensitivity; canít think straight

Minimal; down all day; canít talk on phone at all; canít be on computer at all

Quiet, warm, smell & stress free home;  canít do anything


All over severe aches, pain & severe fatigue; sensitive

Minimal; canít talk on phone; no computer

Need quiet nap in afternoon; can do hardly anything; need help big time with normal, everyday stuff


Severe to moderate pain in spots; moderate fatigue

Minimal; able to converse on phone for short periods; no computer

May need nap; some normal, everyday  stuff wonít get done without help


Moderate pain in spots; fatigue

Moderate at home for 15 minutes at a time; converse on phone for short periods; computer for short periods

Must have some rest times between simple chores; help with the rest of the normal stuff


Moderate pain in spots; very low energy

Moderate at home; can cook dinner and pick up around house; converse on phone short time; computer 15 to 20 minutes

Should rest between chores; may or may not need help with everyday stuff


Moderate pain in spots; low to medium energy

Moderate at home; cook dinner and pick up around house; minimal outside home; converse on phone minimal time; computer Ĺ hour

Rest time might be needed between chores; probably donít need help with anything except really heavy stuff


Moderate pain in spots; increasing energy

Moderate; increasing at home and outside; converse on phone moderate time; computer 45 minutes

Need to rest between big chores; donít need help unless I ask for it


Mild to moderate pain in spots; moderate energy Ďmomentsí

Moderate for longer duration at home; moderate outside; converse on phone; computer 1 hour



Pain free or at least manageable; increasing length of energy Ďmomentsí

Moderate to high home; moderate to high outside; converse on phone; computer



Peak performance; minimal, manageable pain; good energy

100% functional




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2.    Water, and Again I say, Water

Water, water and more water.  The more water you drink, the less time toxins and wastes have in your system.  Water keeps your system well flushed.  Drink at least 8 - 8-oz. glasses a day.   If that seems like a lot of water, a good thing to use is an 8-oz. jelly jar.  Leave it sitting on your counter or on your desk or wherever.  Set a timer so that every 60 minutes it goes off.  When the timer goes off, fill your little jelly jar and drink it.  It's amazing how little it seems, and pretty soon, it'll become second nature.  And, you may end up drinking even more.

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3.    Taking the Little Ones Out?

Ever try to take your little ones out to dinner somewhere?  Does it become a circus?  Here's what I do.  I have a little cloth bag that's always in my closet.  In it is clean paper, crayons or drawing pens, pencils, some little plastic toys (like dinosaurs or animals), a couple small travel games, and a couple books.  Then, whenever we go out, I just grab that bag and we're off.  Believe me, that bag has been a Godsend.  There's enough in there to keep my son busy and occupied throughout dinner (or whatever the outing might be).

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4.    To Multi-Task or Not

A good friend reminded me of this one:  Multi-tasking.  It's becoming a buzz word of the 21st century.  But, for me, it takes too much energy and thought processing to try to multi-task.  Sometimes, if there's a lot of little things, I try to keep a list...but with my personality, if I don't finish everything on the list, I get frustrated with myself.  But if there are several big jobs all needing to get done, I choose one a day.  I stick with it till it gets done...taking rests, as needed...and if nothing else gets done, well, so be it.  I give myself a break.  I don't beat up on myself if the other tasks don't get done that day, too.  I feel proud that I accomplished the one thing I set out to do that day.  And, for goodness sake, get your family to help you out.  Unless you have very little ones, each child can do age-appropriate chores, and that can take the pressure off of you. 

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